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A cookie is a small-sized text file, made up of letters and digits, downloaded in the computer’s memory or any other equipment used for online surfing – mobile phone, pad, etc. Cookies are created when the user’s browser displays specific contents of a website and they are completely passive. The website transmits data to the browser and the latter creates a text file. 

Every time the user accesses that website, the browser accesses and transmits this file to the website. 

You can see the cookies as a label that servers assign to each user, subsequently reading them to identify the users. The cookies of this website can be useful cookies in surfing the website and using the required services. Without them the website cannot function properly. They can also be performance cookies that collect the information to identify the individual visitors, used for feeding statistics about the usage of the website or for measuring the impact of advertising campaigns.

By using the website without rejecting the cookies or similar technologies, you express your consent for this type of technologies and for processing data.