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About me

Previous experience

  • I have a solid background in business (I worked in management and sales since the early 2000s)
  • I have applied The Reshaping the Brain programs to Top Managers and Entrepreneurs to help them grow exponentially
  • I have worked with people suffering from cancer or other illnesses and eased their healing processes by dissolving the emotional causes of their maladies
  • I have helped people suffering from psychosis, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other afflictions to improve their emotional wellbeing, and in some case, to even go off their medication
  • I have helped people overcome significant traumas (abortion, rape, sexual abuse, incest)
  • I have worked with teenagers to improve their self-confidence and academic results
  • I have helped entrepreneurs and solopreneurs double or triple their incomes
  • I have helped companies speak the same language with their clients and increase their sales
  • I have assisted management teams in aligning themselves with the company’s mission
  • I have helped Top Managers and Entrepreneurs lead according to the Universal Laws

Among the relevant certifications:


  • I’m an expert in Reshaping the Brain
  • I’m one of the Top 50 experts in the world according to my specializations and expertise
  • I help people reach their dreams or overcome major problems
  • I love working with people and seeing them grow professionally, personally, financially and spiritually
  • I help people gain new perspectives of thinking that support them in reaching their goals and help them not to repeat negative patterns
  • I have an honest desire to help people, and I want to create a significant impact through my work so that the people I work with, their families, and loved ones can lead fulfilling lives.