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The webpage www.monicaion.co.uk belongs to Monica Ion – hereinafter referred to as “Monica Ion”. The use of the webpage www.monicaion.co.uk implies the acceptance of the following terms and conditions. The webpage www.monicaion.co.uk provides users with information regarding the services offered by Monica Ion, information on the consultations provided by Monica Ion, and the testimonials of Monica Ion’s clients. By entering and navigating this webpage, the users accept the terms of use, or on the contrary, cease using the webpage. The users can contact Monica Ion through the www.monicaion.co.uk webpage, via the online programming form or live chat.
Monica Ion has the obligation to respect the legislation in force.
The way that users will use the information presented by this webpage is not the liability of the administrator. The users agree that the latter be exempted from any responsibility caused by a prejudice resulted from the use of provided information or services.
If for any reason, the website services are unavailable for an indefinite period, the administrator takes no responsibility.
So as to facilitate the relationship with the users, their personal data can be requested through the website – name, telephone number, e-mail, etc., ensuring the confidentiality of the requested data.
The users expressly consent to the processing of the personal data (according to the provisions of Law no. 677/2001).
The administrator reserves the right to cease the provision of the services at any moment. The administrator of the website has the right to modify the terms and conditions without notifying the users.