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I expect this message to be followed by criticism or contestations, given its theme. But please read it entirely and even if you don’t believe what I am writing (you are free to accept or refuse), perhaps you will ask yourself some questions.

Guilt is a sensitive but very important subject. Because if your mind learned that you were guilty, it learned that you are not worthy of something (money, love, prosperity, joy, fulfilment, etc.)

Basically, whenever someone deviates from a rule, and will consider that they have caused harm to someone else or themselves, they will feel a sense of guilt or shame.

I think there are very few children in my generation who have not heard from their parents, grandparents or teachers, the well-known “Shame on you!”

Guilt is a false perception that by your actions you caused someone more harm than good, more negative than positive, more pain than pleasure.

This means that if, for example, you penalized an employee, shouted at your child or life partner, or you lied to someone, you probably had thoughts like „I did not do the right thing”, “I need not have done this”, “I’d better wait to calm down and not act with momentum”.

Despre Vina - Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Now let me tell you a story…

At Iulius Mall, in Cluj, there is a rooftop parking. I often spent minutes searching for a parking spot, slalom among the rows of cars, hoping for a free spot. Sometimes I would see a place in a parallel row, but until I got there, the place was occupied by another car.

Ștefan lived, at that time, near Iulius Mall, in an apartment on the 11th floor, which also had a view over the parking lot on the roof of the mall. One day when the parking lot was very busy, I sat on the terrace and looked at the roof. I was watching carefully how one car came after another, and in my mind I was saying, “Turn right, now left, go on the parallel line! Here’s a spot!” and I was trying to help, to guide the cars to find a parking spot… in my mind. From above, I had a completely different perspective than when I was frantically searching for a parking spot myself.

If you had a view from above, you would find a parking spot much faster. But when you’re in the car, you can only see to the end of the alley you are driving on, or at most the parallel alley.

The same happens with guilt.

In real life, the zoom out in the story of the parking lot is the time span. You thought it dramatic in your teenage years, for instance, that you got dumped by the person you were in love with, but then you realized it had been for the best.

What if I told you, that when you feel guilty, you only see part of the situation? And if you were zooming out, you could see all things together.

Let me offer you some perspective, and then you can choose whether it fits you or not…

When you feel guilty, you think you’ve done more harm than good, caused more pain than pleasure. That’s the half you’re probably used to.

How about zooming out and allowing yourself to see also what benefits you brought to the life of the person, how you served them, how you helped them through your action?

Ask yourself the question “What are the benefits of the person?” until you see that everything you have done was actually perfect and part of a divine equilibrium.

The benefits you have brought when you have done something you feel guilty of are equal to the disadvantages (according to the Law of Duality by which any act or action brings benefits and disadvantages in equal measure). If you allow yourself to see this perfect balance, you see that there is no mistake in divine intelligence.

If you “made a mistake”, you were part of a plan of universal intelligence. You are the representative of the universe who had to bring the balance, the lesson, and the message to the other person.

In essence, whatever you did or didn’t do, you deserve to be loved. You are part of a perfect matrix, where everything that happens is for the sake of both you and those you serve with your “mistakes”.

Monica ION

P.S. Send this message to someone you know to harbour guilty feelings. It may be a message they need.

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